Bangladesh Information is become Largest portal website in Bangladesh ……

Who we are?

Bangladesh undertaking is a non-benefit association which is a standout amongst the most motivating programming organization in Bangladesh .We have advanced “Bangladesh data “extend on 2012. Bangladesh data.

What is Bangladesh Information?

The sentence of Bangladesh data was exclusively created by our group .It means doing everything for Bangladesh and Bangladeshi. It could be one straightforward social attempt to a major recompense winning exercises which, end of the day, brings something constructive for Bangladesh. Saying doing or working anything that is sure for Bangladesh and the individuals for Bangladesh is Bangladeshi.

What we do?

In one straightforward line-we advance Bangladesh and Bangladeshis in and around the globe without the desire of any benefit or budgetary focal points .Means, if you do anything which is certain or useful for Bangladesh, we will share your exercises or attempts to demonstrate the world. We believe if you can demonstrate your uplifting mentality for Bangladesh to different Bangladeshis to other Bangladeshis, more and more individuals will be inevitably take after your way some time or another.

Motivating patriotism is our primary goal for advancing anything positive .Even a wonderful picture any Bangladeshi Landscape could be a positive thing for the nation. How It is straightforward? It may convey regard for Bangladeshi tourism industry.

What is our Aim?

We realize that there are thousands and a great many constructive things about Bangladesh which could speak to the nation in a  entire new routes .To do that  we are  notwithstanding chasing pictures and features of general Bangladesh, Even every last territory to discover the best stuffs .Our definitive target is to assemble a library of each and every great things about Bangladesh in one spot so that when individuals or individuals from abroad seeking with the name of Bangladesh in the online pursuit Engines, they additionally see the positive stuffs about Bangladesh separated from the negative things .

Our goal is to fabricate social mindfulness in various subjects. It could be from pollute in to disasters, from law violations to averting crimes, child and ladies misuse or anything that could be a sympathy toward the society. We are additionally dealing with discovering the genuine history for a wide range of issues on Bangladesh and attempting to leave message for the youthful and forthcoming eras to know the genuine truth .Sometimes we call ourselves “The Marketing Agents” for Bangladesh however we work for 100% free.