Feb 16, 2018

Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Limited is a famous and successful poultry manufacturing company of Bangladesh. It maintains the complete poultry chain starting grad parent to processed chicken. It is a concern of Jahurul Islam Company and was recognized in 1992. They provide healthy, healthful and safe food to consumers through constant innovation and operational excellence. They build worth for their savers through the power of their customer pleasure and better products.

The vision of this company is to be a best food and agro business all over the Asia. The concerns of this company are Aftab Feed Products Limited, Aftab G. P. Farms Limited, Aftab Hatchery Limited, IG Foods Limited and Aftab Hatchery Northern Ltd. Aftab G.P. Farms Ltd has well-known as Grand Parent Stock Farms. It is the first parent stock had shaped during the end of 2006. It is ensuing need on import of parent stock has severely been compact. It has a full set of regular high-tech machinery to make sure the highest international standards of quality parent chicks. Aftab Hatchery Ltd has started its activities alone in view of its huge growth. It believes that creation of worth chicks is the major factor for achievement of any chick farm.

ABFL well-known for more processing plant to provide ready to cook chicken supported items in the city markets. It is now producing burger patties, tandori nuggets, chicken nuggets, crispy wing, fried drumstick and Shammi Kabab. These are the most famous items of this process. AFTAB produces feed for poultry, fish and cattle in its up to date feed mills and allocates them through the country by its own delivery network. ABFL had started production to meet the demand for poultry feed in 1996. Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Limited has been playing a vital role for the economical growth of this country.

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  • Established 1992
    Product & Service Business
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: 59/B Kemal Ataturk Ave, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: +880 2-55035364
    Website  http://www.abflbd.com/


  • Name:  Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Limited
    Address:  59/B Kemal Ataturk Ave, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
    Contact Number:  +880 2-55035364
    Email  info@abflbd.com
    Website:  http://www.abflbd.com/

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