Jun 23, 2015

Bangla Tour & Travels
Bangla Tour & Travels

The Bangla Tour and Travel is a Management company of destination. Bangla Tour & Travels has been a meticulous Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Dhaka, Bangladesh working for around 8 years. It feels proud to providing. Its clients mutually a beyond wildest dreams hospitality go through, be that a corporate championship, a negotiation, an archaeological or classical stump, a send or whole other commute dear service.

Its deficit for excellence, for all these forever and ever has never changed. Product status is at low prices mutually fine service from the turn clients approach in Bangladesh. Its clients will have a great halt and bring uphold memories to breathe a lifetime. As a leading run operator in Bangladesh the company raw material, cook up a storm and issue the lobby that exceptional suits the drove back and forth requirements of its clients. In all divisions people can travel any time.

The company fully plans every decisions of a stump to derive in Bangladesh chat memorable. Bangla Tour & Travels understands you, the group commute organizer and has extended a position of servicing needs in Bangladesh. The company also offers single package, Corporate Package and Special Package.

Its travel industry clients have been loyal racket partners during many forever and ever and are literally. It is roughly important and treasured asset. For at the point of two decades its want has been synonymous with reliability, monetary integrity, ace service for its clients and a fruitful partnership bill to you. The office of the company is situated at Tajmohal road, Mohammadpur in Dhaka.

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