Citadel Properties Ltd
Apr 23, 2017

Citadel Properties Ltd
Citadel Properties Ltd

Citadel Properties Ltd. is one of the wildest growing real estate developer’s faithful to create a beautiful tomorrow for next Generation. This company looks outside the limit and is healthy itself to meet the new millennium with courage and positivity.  They are the organizers of the company are all professional with typical donors in the field of action.

Citadel Properties Ltd. has belief in possible and path record of the hard working management of the company. Customers are certain of locating the best value beside their investment. There is a group of skilled plan and design the project taking into thoughts. These are managed for every development, before new designing the project. It selects location, urban facilities, surroundings and some other vital factors.  These ensure maximum comfort and suitability for the target dwellers.

Architects and consultants of Citadel give maximum time and strength to respond to modern days need. They insure the role and technology. Their every development holds the importance of all latest facilities with best light and aeration. Citadel’s has a solid project management team. Each and every point of assembly is skillful and planned by them. They have a large knowledge in some key local and foreign structures. This project management team Citadel can finger its projects-assuring a quality building with fine dying.

The aim of Citadel Properties Ltd. is to top it by setting new standard in design. They want to give creation and service and to hold a lifelong bond with the owners. Each and every proposal of their valid customers is seriously stressed at every stage of project creation. A page is joined here with for people valuable proposals. The customer facility department is beside to give the best likely friendly service.

Citadel Properties Ltd. is working with United Commercial Bank Ltd. The corporate office of this company is located at Banani in Dhaka City.

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    Product & Service Business
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    Address: Road # 11, Block # F, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: +88029872119-20, 8832365, 8832580, 01975477386, 0191547737201733556679


  • Name: Citadel Properties Ltd
    Address: Road # 11, Block # F, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: +88029872119-20, 8832365, 8832580, 01975477386, 0191547737201733556679


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