Feb 16, 2018

Core International Ltd. was created in 1998 at Dhaka City in Bangladesh. It has started with a center on supporting Origin Frozen Seafood products of Bangladesh in global market. They started buying of Frozen Shrimp products in 1999. It aimed to have joint collaboration with Germany and Canada and Indian seafood trading company. Since then, they expanded their business to the Russia, Europe and USA. It provides the highest standard of service to their overseas customers with over sixteen years of experience. They manage in terms of suitable information on market for obtaining of right products at the right time with competitive value.

Core International Ltd. locates on the highest honesty and sincerity for feature products and assembles up ancient relationships. They also started export of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits to Middle East countries in the year of 2006. They deal for various Chain Supermarkets to assemble the broad order. They feel over fifteen thousand MT of processed frozen seafood and about one thousand MT of processed fresh vegetables in a year regularly.

Core International Ltd has its establishment concept at Dhaka City as a vegetable exporter. They supported with various vegetable group hearts at closely collected areas of the country. As a result, we are able to gather new farm lifted vegetables at the straight likely time. In according to the procedure it is won establishment and load for purpose from H.S.J Int’l Airport in Dhaka. They have developed incorporated team works to basis of right result and make sure the quality and newness and in time transport of their products. By the excellent offers of product price this company has made its market stability strongly. They maintain the real time management and process orders directly with the clients. Not only into this country but also all over the world they have made a good figure of goodwill.

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