Dada Dhaka Ltd
Jul 25, 2015

Dada Dhaka Ltd
Dada Dhaka Ltd

A large number of textiles manufacturing companies are raising their business in all over the world. Each company has a unique activities based on their policy. DADA is one of these established in 1994. The head office of this company is situated in Korea. But it has also branch office in five countries all over the world.

DADA is the world’s largest head-wear and caps manufacturer and exporter. From 1988 DADA has been organized their global business. In Indonesia this company has established its first factory. In present days it is operating business in five countries including Bangladesh. In 1991 this company’s productivity level every day is 35000 pcs caps produced with workers around 2200 in Bangladesh. DADA has established their second unit at Dhaka Export Zone in 1994 and has been manufacturing with 1800 workers 25000 pcs of caps per day. The third unit Paxko Ltd. have established in 1999 and making 15000 pcs of caps with 1200 workers.

At the start of 21st century DADA enlarge its business to China and Vietnam successively. DADA has been arranging for the future of a global marketing leader by acquiring 148 patent rights and possessing 56 patents pending in US and South Korea.

The products are categorized as premium fashion head-wear; slim to face line, casual basic caps and premium classic caps.

DADA has 13 supplementary in 05 countries for aiming at globalization with targets of over US$ 100 million in annual sales at the end of year 2006. This achievement has been making DADA the leader of head-wear marketed.

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  • Established 1994
    Product & Service Headwear manufacturer
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: 40, Joymot Khan Road, Pagar, Tongi, 1710. Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: 8914825, 8912153, 8913774
  • Headwear: Cap

  • Name: Dada Dhaka Ltd
    Address: 40, Joymot Khan Road, Pagar, Tongi,, 1710. Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: 8914825, 8912153, 8913774

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