Digital Survey & Design consultant
Apr 18, 2017

Digital Survey & Design consultant
Digital Survey & Design consultant

Digital Survey & Design Consultant is established in 2006. It has begun its journey with a view to quality architectural and civil engineering administrations. Presently, a day this firm is projected to Professional Engineering administration in a wide range of Digital Survey Work. It also deal with project lay-out plan property development work and consultancy benefit. It creates designs of residential building and makes supervision. This organization is a supplier of worth and talented personnel to the Real Estate Industry.

Digital Survey is all around prepared with a wide range of digital survey machineries. It has also logistic support of monetary ability. Its Engineering examination speaks to standard being meant any work of enormous size.

It feels proud of the committed professional it acquires. At the company’s removal it is now a strong work force with proven professional. It has skilled that are well stuffed to take on confronts of the new millennium. They are managed under demanding technical, economical and environmental conditions. The company has a young, active and motivated management. They works heard to finish the project done.

Digital Survey & Design Consultant supplies total station and GPS based digital topographic survey. It manages land document judge before purchase. It offers area of land survey, division and border survey using total position. It also gives services for location map. This map contains project boundary, roads, lakes, canals, rivers, open area etc.

There are five departments of this organization. These are Engineering Department, Legal Department, Marketing Department, Admin Department, Accounts and Finance Department. It has two stations in Bangladesh. Md. Alim Al Razi is the town planer. Md. Akter Hossain. Is the diploma Engineer.

This company is working in according to the modern civilization. It provides heavy duty for best satisfaction. The head office is located at Mirpur in Dhaka City of Bangladesh.

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    Product & Service Business
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    Address: C/605, B/605. Khandakar Haque Tower, Kandirpar Comilla
    Contact Number:  01914-708615


  • Name:  Digital Survey & Design Consultant
    Address:  C/605, B/605. Khandakar Haque Tower, Kandirpar Comilla
    Contact Number:  01914-708615


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