Feb 15, 2018

EH & AgroVet Ltd. is a registered group of agricultural product in Bangladesh. It was authorized under the registrar of joint stock companies and firms. EH means Environmental Health. It has established in 1997 as a private enterprise. The company is a complete firm merging business of agriculture inputs, manufacturing chemicals and export. This company deal with Traditional and nontraditional items. They made a vision to meet up the increasing tests and opportunity maintaining new procedure. It aimed to help and supply in a modest manner in getting self capability of the country in key areas of development. They do this by meeting the new challenges and attaching facilities to transform it to a developed country. “Live with green and build a prosperous Bangladesh” is the great slogan of this company.

EH & Agrovet Ltd offers is of global standard services. It appreciates to work together with anyone within the country and outside. They are captivated to give in making the environment of this country as a green and healthy one for an attractive tomorrow. It is managed by a group of committed professionals who are hundred percent loyal to work for the development of the nation and meet the brave of the future. EH & Agrovet Ltd deals with environmental health products for vector manage. Some of these are rodenticide, cockroaches and mosquito control products. All kinds of seed of vegetables and maize are available here. They are expert to export of vegetables and fruit with nontraditional item of interest of other company.

This company deals out product according to allotment wise to own company Depo. By Depo sales persons pay product to district delivery. From allotment place distribution allocate products to dissimilar dealer through company provide TDF. From distribution finish to trader points all the supply fixed cost stand by company. This company has become very popular for its quality and faith of people and other companies.

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