Energy System Company
Jul 07, 2015

Energy System Company
Energy System Company

There are many energy system companies have been working to solve energy related problems. Ensysco is one of these companies. This company has a vision containing honesty, creativity, quality, knowledge, commitment and professionalism. Mediascope is the sister company of Ensysco.

Energy System Company is a brand of consistency, modernization, recital, and technology in the specialty of Power Solutions. Enegy System Company is rising each day and recording its presence in different markets of power solutions globally. Ensysco is a performer and has been consecrated by its adapting latest technology at its own internal R&D facilities. It has been developing and quickly launching it in the market with necessary international principles.

Ensysco is working for several projects now. Some of these projects are Ensysco Sub Station Equipments, Ensysco Generator, Ensysco Solar System, Ensysco Voltage Stabilizer, Ensysco Online UPS, Ensysco Offline UPS, Ensysco IPS, Ensysco VRLA & SMF Battery, Ensysco LED Light, Ensysco Mini Solar System, Ensysco Motion and Light Detector etc.

This company has become the best company in the market for their services. This company always aims to provide services to the people at a highest range. This company has a strong and experienced member; so that this company always can give the maintenance services after activation on terms and condition. This company offers annual maintenance contract. In this service they take care of precautionary safeguarding and parts replacement on payment of an annual charge. This company has wide network of service in minimum down time. The sales and support office of this company is situated at Wireless Moor, Mogbazaar in Dhaka city.

More Information About Energy System Company (ENSYSCO)‘s Info, Click on Tabs:

  • Established
    Product & Service Manufacturer Of Electrical and Electronic Goods.
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: 84,Wireless Moor( 3rd Floor), Moghbazar,Dhaka
    Contact Number: 01713402744
  • Major Products:       

    • Sub-station equipments:
      • Transformer.
      • H.T switchgear.
      • L.T switchgear
      • PFI plant.
    • On line UPS
    • Off line UPS.
    • IPS.
    • Solar IPS.
    • Diesel Generator.
    • SMF Battery.
    • Solar System.
    • VRLA Battery.
    • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR).
    • LED Light.
    • Industrial Battery Charger.
    • Motion Sensor Switch.
    • DC Solar.
    • Light Sensor Switch
  • Name: Enegy System Company (ENSYSCO)
    Address: 84,Wireless Moor( 3rd Floor), Moghbazar,Dhaka
    Contact Number: 01713402744

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