Global Induction
Jul 29, 2015

Global Induction
Global Induction

For the greatest advantages of education, information and transportation the world is becoming smaller. People have become very concern about the globalization. Many jutes manufacturing companies is raising business in Bangladesh.

Global Induction is one of the greatest rising jute manufacturer and exporters in Bangladesh. Their objective is to export jute bags of each part and every corner of the world maintaining best quality. They are always looking for the satisfaction with the appreciated customers. This company works for the needs and wants of the customers. They always try to follow the global strategy of standard. Their main spotlight is to maintain the best quality of the products of the aggressive price. At the same time this company also ensures standard quality control.

Global Induction is a center of International Trade Services. The Global Induction is full of export slanting company. This company has been producing world class jute bags and other jute items exporting. It maintains the standard quality and reliability of international standards. The main aim at this company is to maintain the best quality of a relative market price. Recently this company is exporting thirteen countries round the world including Southeast Asia, North America, Asia and Europe.

The products of Global Induction are flexible, environment friendly, ecological and reusable. Two categories of products as well as Specialized Product and Featured Product are maintained by this company. These products are Wine bags, shopping bags, Jute bags, Hessian bags, Hassian cloths, Jute yarn, Heavy Cees Jute bags, Light Cees Jute bags, Standerd new B’twills Jute bag and Standerd Binola Jute bag.

This company has a mission to restoring the jute manufacturing image of Bangladesh.

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  • Established
    Product & Service Business
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: 5/3, Road # 5, Block # B, Nobodoy Housing, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.
    Contact Number: 01841203321
  • Our products are versatile, environment friendly, recyclable and reusable. Presently we have two categories of product.

    Our Specialized Product includes:

    B’twills bags.

    Binola bags.

    Heavy Cees bags.

    Light Cees bags.

    Coffee bags.

    Rice/Wheat/Onion bags.

    Our Featured Product includes different types of:

    Shopping bags.

    Luxury Shopping bags.

    Ladies Stylist bags.

    Different types of wine bags.

    Jute yarns & jute fabrics.

  • Name: Global Induction
    Address: 5/3, Road # 5, Block # B, Nobodoy Housing, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.
    Contact Number: 01841203321

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