Jan 20, 2018

Harmony Spa is a health, beauty and relaxation center. It is an amazing experience-where peoples’ appointment becomes flee and a tradition. It believes beauty and fitness go hand in hand. Therefore, their reason is to provide rest and trauma relief with the finest cure for the body and face. The calmness of boutique haven makes immerse customer. Every detail has been planned to suggest a state of rest, energy and total comfort.

Harmony Spa offers best services into two distinct styles. One of these is oil based methods. It is known as Ayurved. The other method is cream based methods. Both the services are considered to balance mind, body and soul of customers. The restoring facials, healthy body treatments, gentle massages and luxurious nail cures packages help look and feel greatest. People will love being wrapped in the warm, friendly location as pressure softens away. The dedicated staffs look ahead to making time with their impressive.

Harmony Spa recommends powerfully that clients book their service times well in proceed to avoid distress. All actions are topic to accessibility. They support to schedule spa services well in advance visit to make sure the widest mixture of treatments and meeting times. If you would like to cancel meeting, please gently do so at least six hours before to the repair. It offers anti-acne treatment. This special spots treatment service followed by individual therapy will help to take away pore-clogging sebum. This can protect bacterial expansion, clean the skin deeply, quality and feed the skin and stops acne breakouts. This is results in present glowing skin. The private pain remove action repair will help to detoxify body through the warm oil massage. It also provides new hair growth treatment service also. Harmony Spa offers two types of services as regular package and seasonal packages with special opportunities.

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  • Established
    Product & Service Business
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: Road # 27 (old) – 16(New),Plot # 305(Old) – 43(New), 4th Floor, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka.
    Contact Number: 8126249, 9140611, 01716 749479
    Website  http://harmonyspa.com.bd/

  • Name:  Harmony Spa
    Address: Road # 27 (old) – 16(New),Plot # 305(Old) – 43(New), 4th Floor, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka.
    Contact Number:  8126249, 9140611, 01716 749479
    Email  info@harmony.com
    Website:  http://harmonyspa.com.bd/

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