Jan 21, 2018

Persona is the famous brand for the generation to generation in Bangladesh. It is a latest beauty parlour in Bangladesh. Persona is being a powerful brand for above a decade keeping its leading position in the beauty industry. It has twenty years of excellent talent, leadership, advance and prepared quality. They believe their opportunities are eternal, given their location to detain the drive that is up in the beauty market at present. It is a winning awards organization. It achieved hair expo, Victorian Hair Awards, Australian Hair Fashion Awards and Wella Australia Hair Awards.

The management philosophy of Persona is based on duty and common respect. The foundation of their plan will be to propose a level of user focus. That is higher to that accessible by their players. Customers among of this organization are most important assets. Nobody is more significant than being polite, friendly, prompt and helpful in the interest they give to the customers. They are devoted to making sure that the high typical of beauty service have established are preserved. The culture demands honesty and a firm promise to tough home performs and policies. They have the highest assurance in their people. These people are goal in their tasks and control below the chief level of moral standards.

Persona teams are also loyal to carefully and carefully using their mistake tasks during the company. They have been managing their contact reliable with the chief attitudes of business principles. They always maintain the corporate governance requirements. The experience of the people here will be agreeable, pleasant and enjoyable. Persona provides beauty treatment weekly special packages. People can receive free Hair Treatment with the next cut and colour. Persona offers free colour treatment to the people for the month of April. Everyone wants to look good when it is party time.

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