Nov 03, 2018

Road King Lubricants has recently launched in 2018.  They pride themselves for offering a variety of service of engine lubricant. These services are including the import, sales and distribution of a wide selection of quality Lubricating oils from London. Road King Lubricants is mostly importing and trading company. The Company is popular for occupied in import of lubricants from London and one and only distributor in Bangladesh. The skilled sales and engineering support service staffs work with best loyalty. It helps classify the right goods and services in according to the customer’s needs.

Road King Lubricants is the London operating unit as the largest autonomous manufacturer of specialty lubricants in the world. It provides high quality lubricants and services to worldwide collection. This company supplies metal modules such as Lubricant’s for Motor Cycles, Lubricant’s for Motor Cycles, Lubricant’s for CNG, Grease and other necessary lubricants. Road King is commonly developing new products to meet the ever-changing requires of modern vehicles usurers.

Road King Lubricants enjoyed improving products characteristic on taste. Their brand is bounded with the perception of faithful service and expert innovation. Road King has also dedicated to the recognition, development and production of dynamic products.

Road King has fervor and commitment in supplying ecological friendly and technologically advanced products. They ensure reliable supply of premium products matching the harshest international standards. Road King offers the user a broad range of high-performance lubricants to solve various mechanical problems. Products of this company are totally different by technology and don’t match other products exist into the market. This covers total field of metal process.

Road King Lubricants technology from around the globe, guarantees their customers of products and services that are actually innovative. Their experienced specialized support is improving productivity and dropping costs while improving worker safety and reducing ecological impact.

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  • Established 2018
    Product & Service Business
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, London WC1 1BA

    Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Contact Number: 1.800.458.556


  • Name: Road King Lubricants
    Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, London WC1 1BA

    Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Contact Number: 1.800.458.556


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