Dec 29, 2017

Watermelon Communication Limited is one of the most creative event management and market statement agencies in Dhaka City of Bangladesh. It was established in 2006. It is still confidentially owned and totally independent agency. Founder of this service provider is from the engineering discipline and known as a gap in the market for an expert and self-determining event management service. The events trade has seen type changes more the last eleven years and it has been at the head in this country. Today they are known as one of the leading names and reputed icon. Their culture of severe is self assessment and continuous progress. It will help to make sure it resides that way.

They makes advances to design is basically mutual. It takes immense care to understand contract and needs of clients. Their arranged meetings with clients make objectives, budget limits and term of an event schedule. The information collected from these meetings and helps to create a design approaches. After that the work operated with the client to sure their ideas and values as a wonderful output. They always are seeking customer value and loyalty by always providing the top quality and worth. It exhibits their assurance to employees by promoting and satisfying performance. It managed by creating an active environment which returns the values.

Watermelon Communication Limited fulfills their liability to culture by being a financial, logical and social asset to Bangladesh. It works together to form a culture of addition built on trust, admiration and pride for all. The management struggles for quality in all contributions for their success. They always looking for more resourceful ways to serve clients collaborated successfully. These agents are creative and flexible and attain effects earlier than opponents. All members are open minded, honest and do direct dealings for more success in event management business.

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